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Join other pilots, flight attendants and travelers staying healthy in the air with 100% plant nutrition delivered on your schedule.

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Somehow, in the country's move to more nutritious, less-processed foods, the air travel industry has remained stagnant. airfare solves this problem by delivering actually healthy, travel-ready snacks to your door.

100% plant

High in protein and fiber

no added sugars

gluten free

paleo friendly


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One airfare pouch per month. You pick your favorite snacks every month. Perfect for flying reserve or a single leg.

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Two or more pouches per month. You pick your favorite snacks every month. Ideal for mixing in our snacks with your own nutrition on a regular schedule.

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Customizable bundle of 25 of your favorite snacks each month. Pack them in pouches or directly in your bags. Best for flight crew members on a busy, regular schedule.

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One trip? Grab a single pouch (and one for your traveling partner) of whole-plant, snacky goodness. Better yet, get one for the return flight, too.

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