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airfare sends healthy, single-serving snacks to people on the go—from pilots to Realtors and busy parents to frequent fliers. Pick from our selection of 60+ snacks to have delivered once or monthly as a subscription.


How do I know the snacks are healthy?

We keep strict, science-based health agreements on any snack in our marketplace. All our snacks are made from only whole-food, plant ingredients like fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and spices. The snacks are sourced from boutique health companies, are gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo-friendly, and vegan. Our snacks never include added sugars, sweeteners, or oils. Check the ingredients and see for yourself 😉

What's the best snack in the marketplace?

"Best" is in the eye of the snackholder. Our customers voted on their favorites, which we've listed on our homepage. Our founder go-to snacks are the Jonesbar PB and J Bar (Geremy) and the Healthy Truth Mango Slices (Justin). Go find your favorite and spread the word.


How do I change from getting a sampler box to picking the specific snacks I want?

Congrats on getting a sense of our snack options and finding the ones you love. To get specific snacks in your monthly subscription instead of a Sampler box, first remove the Sampler from your subscription on the My Subscription page. Then, add all the individual snacks your heart desires to your subscription from the Shop Snacks page.

How many snacks do I get in a monthly subscription?

This is completely up to you. You can get a monthly subscription for as many individual snacks as you like, saving 20% of the normal price on each snack.

If you prefer a sample of our newest and most popular snacks, get a 4-, 10-, or 25-snack sampler our expert snack team will assemble, available once or as a monthly subscription.

Shipping and ordering

Can I ship to a hotel?

Of course. Simply enter the hotel’s address as the shipping address at checkout.

Can I order snacks as a gift?

Absolutely. In fact, you should. Simply place an order and include the recipient's shipping name and address.

How much will I pay for shipping?

Shipping is free for all orders $70 or more, and for all subscription orders.

Rarely asked questions

Can I eat the pouch itself?

Our new, sustainable pouches are made from of linen and, while they're better for the environment, they're not edible or better for our bodies. Technically, then can be eaten, but we advise against it. Strongly.

Note: we are not medical professionals.

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Discover the 18 healthiest spots at the three busiest U.S. airports